Thursday, October 1, 2020

Toon: Temper Tantrump

Here's one more cartoon for good measure this week. 

Mr. Trump's performance at Tuesday's so-called debate has got people trying to figure out how to get the overgrown spoiled brat who literally cannot shut up for two minutes to adhere to the rules. He interrupted Joe Biden over six dozen times*, and not for quick outbursts, either. Again and again, and yet again and even more agains, he insisted on shouting over the Democratic nominee and the moderator, Chris Wallace, as well.

Proposals for any future debates include giving the moderator the ability to cut off the president's microphone, or having as moderator a middle school teacher. We could go so far as to hold the next debate on Ellen DeGeneres's "Game of Games" set, where the talk show host could open the floor beneath either candidate for infractions, or dump chocolate pudding on them, or strap them in place and yank them offstage through the wall.

But Ms. DeGeneres is trying to reclaim her image as a nice person these days, so perhaps she wouldn't be interested.
* Update: Chris Wallace said on Fox News today that Trump interrupted Biden 145 times. But who's counting?

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  1. Trump won't be at the inauguration, he will have handcuffed himself to the Oval Office desk.