Tuesday, October 20, 2020

As If Any of It Makes Sense

Someone started this thing today of recaptioning random New Yorker cartoons with this particular sentence, so here's my contribution.

In case you get all your news from Catholic News Service, the New Yorker suspended legal analyst talking head Jeffrey Toobin for masturbating during a Zoom call with other New Yorker staffers and a New York radio station. Nobody is quite sure what was so arousing about the election simulation that was the focus of the call, in which Toobin was supposed to represent the U.S. judicial system.

Perhaps he was fantasizing about Amy Coney Barrett.

Anyway, cartoonists joke about being able to replace the captions of New Yorker cartoons with random lines, "Christ, what an asshole" being the classic example.

My offering here would have worked better by putting the caption in the future tense, but that would be breaking the rules of the game.

But if you want to get all meta about it, James Stevenson drew this cartoon in 1968, when neither he nor his fortune teller would have had any clue what Jeffrey Toobin or Zoom calls are.

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