Thursday, June 18, 2015

Q Toon: Courage!

This week's Q Syndicate cartoon was probably inspired by watching so much Game of Thrones ... and by this picture (at right) in the Bible my church gave all of us Sunday School children way back in the days before Good News for Modern Man came out.

This particular edition has a comprehensive concordance, dictionary of biblical terms, maps, and, peppered judiciously throughout, a number of color pictures on glossy paper. The publisher didn't credit whoever was responsible for the pictures, unlike most of the considerably older Bibles I've seen which usually have a list of all the "plates" right after the table of contents.

This particular painting always looked to me as if the Emperor were somehow disintegrating down the wall, and I've never quite figured out what that red swath is supposed to be. Tattered cloth? Fading paint? Blood? Did he choose poorly?

The other source for this cartoon is the continued complaining from the religious righteous about how expecting wedding bakers and florists to treat their customers with equal respect is Just Like The Holocaust.

It's still a bit premature, I think, to make a joke out of Auschwitz; so, with apologies to my Sunday School teachers, I present Saint Godwin, the patron saint of Tiresome Hitler Analogies. (And just in time, Phyllis Schlafly has gone and compared antigay Christians to their lion fodder forebears. Is she a reader of this humble blog?)
P.S.: I drew this cartoon well before A Jerk With A Gun decided to shoot up a church Bible study group in Charleston, South Carolina last night. No connection with last night's events is intended. But I would nevertheless suggest that there are greater threats to Religious Liberty than Adam and Steve patronizing their local florist.

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