Monday, September 14, 2020

This Week's Sneak Peek

Here's a square inch or so from this week's cartoon, and a little clarification of one of the details regarding Joe Biden's visit to the church where I work.

The Grace Lutheran church council saw fit to meet in emergency last Thursday, and produced a letter of explanation to the congregation in which they noted that Grace had wanted Biden's dialogue meeting to take place in the narthex. The narthex is a good-sized open space just outside the sanctuary, with an open stairway leading up to the choir room and organ balcony and down to the courtyard entrance and basement level.

The Secret Service, however, decided that the event had to be held in the sanctuary, which could be closed off at all entrances. In the event of an emergency, the candidate and his wife could be quickly removed from the room and away from danger; whereas the danger could easily follow them out of the narthex.

For what it's worth, Mr. Biden at no point stepped into the chancel, even though, being raised up two steps from the rest of the nave, it would have made him more visible to the gathered participants.

The Daily Caller and other Trumpletons have asked sarcastically whether Mr. Trump would be welcome to use the church for a campaign event. Well, he hasn't asked. Grace would probably give such a request due consideration, as long as he promised not to have troops tear gas everybody on his way in.

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