Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Rising Tide Swamps Trump's Boats

On Lake Travis you'll hear sailors tremble in fear

And they'll sigh like a lovelorn gorilla.

Their face will turn pale as they tell you the tale

Of the wreck of the Donald Trumptilla!

Oh, they all flew the flag of the Lord of the MAGA

That fateful weekend in September;

How they flapped in the breeze as they set out to sea

On a day that they'll always remember!

The larger boats' wake, more than others could take,

Soon washed over the lesser sized cruisers.

"We've got water on board!" But their cries were ignored:

"Take a swim, you're just suckers and losers!"

And so up rose the cries as each vessel capsized,

"Grab your life jackets now if you've got 'em!"

"It's a communist plot!" and "Abandon the yacht!"

As their ships slowly sank to the bottom.

So, my friend, if you sail, just remember this tale

Of the hubris-resulted disaster:

If you follow Lord Trump, get a clue, you sad chump,

For the sea is a bitch of a master!

All the yachts 'neath the waves in their watery graves

With their chocolate eclairs and vanilla

Will set sail nevermore, nor return to the shore:

'Twas the wreck of the Donald Trumptilla!

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