Monday, July 22, 2019

This Week's Sneak Peek

I took time out from a typically busy Sunday yesterday to attend the gathering of Cartoonists Anonymous, the bimonthly meeting of the Chicago-Midwest area chapter of the National Cartoonists Society.

I hadn't been able to make any of the Chicago meetings before, but this time, the gathering was up north in Kenosha, so I figured I could make the meeting without having to stay up too terribly late at my drawing board Sunday night. (Well, there used to be a time when I didn't consider 1:00 a.m. too terribly late, anyway.)

It was great to rub elbows with some of my fellow cartoonists and share insights and experiences on everything from pen nibs to rapidographs to Wacom tablets; Anne Hambrock offered some valuable pointers from a cartoon editor's perspective.

I have to miss the AAEC convention again this year, which is a damned dirty shame since they're having it again in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

Saturday's post mentioned that there is "a list of all the crap we have left" on the moon. Some of that crap is, literally, crap, and it turns out that some scientists here on earth would like to retrieve those bags of astronaut scat — and urine, and vomit — to find out whether any intestinal microbes have survived up there these past 47-50 years.

This could be the basis for the most disgusting sci-fi horror film ever.

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