Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At Sunrise They Went to the Toon

The Christian season of Lent is scheduled peculiarly on Western Orthodox calendars this year. Ash Wednesday coincided with Valentine's Day, as you recall; and Easter falls on April Fools' Day.

So in the spirit of April 1, 2018, I give you The Greatest Prank Ever Pulled:

Incidentally, the next time this happens will be in 2029, then 2040.

These things cycle in patterns, by the way. Almost every time Easter falls on April 1, it falls on April 21 the following year (not the latest date on which it can fall, but close to it). There have been exceptions, as in 1804 and 1923, but you can count on this much of the pattern to continue faithfully for the next few centuries.

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