Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Headlines

I've been taking photos of the year in newspaper front pages and magazine covers at the end of every year since I was a kid; here's the 2017 effort.

As noted many times before, many very important stories get overlooked this way. They happen gradually, or too late for early Sunday deadlines, or, frankly, they happen too far away and editors prefer to focus on more local events.

Or, in the interest of brevity, daily headlines have no staying power. If you're reading this post years down the road, you may think it was awfully considerate of Harvey to drive so many to shelters, whoever he was. The Journal Sentinel headline offers no clue why Fear Gripped Vegas.

Or there were so many natural disasters that it was impossible to display them all; the hurricane that left Puerto Rico in ruins was Maria. The same goes for terrorist attacks. And I don't have any headline to represent any of this year's devastating earthquakes (e.g., Mexico, Iran, Italy).

Here, too, is a collage of my favorites of the cartoons I drew this year. I don't pretend for them to be a comprehensive review of the year. They're just the ones I happen to like right now.

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