Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Q Toon: Gather Ye Merit Badges While Ye May

Amid the news of pressure cooker bombs in Boston and fertilizer plant explosions in Texas and fucking shit bombs in North Dakota, a news story overlooked in the chaos is that the Boy Scouts of America organization has decided to stop barring young boys who identify as gay from joining the Scouts. Gay and lesbian scout leaders and den mothers, such as Jennifer Tyrrell of Ohio (not, I feel obliged to point out, of Westeros) who was booted out last April, are still persona non grata.
Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
÷Apr 24, 2013
It's the sort of half-baked semi-solution that won't last long.
"How does a (gay scout) commit his life to an organization who he knows full well is going to dump him the day he turns 18?" Tyrrell asked. "It would be really hard for that boy to believe in trustworthiness and loyalty and all those things that are important as a scout."
By the way, there's been some sort of problem with Q Syndicate's email since the weekend. All of my messages to Q Syndicate addresses came back as undeliverable (fortunately, some of the editorial staff have emails outside the system). My address there wasn't working, either. Logging in to retrieve my email, I found the inbox empty even of messages I had saved.

With luck, the syndicate is still able to distribute my cartoon and all the other features this week. But on the off chance that someone out there has tried to complain about last week's cartoon, I'm not really ignoring you. (You're just wrong is all.)

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