Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ron Paul caricature

If a cartoonist gets half an idea -- a germ of an idea that just doesn't sprout, he has two options: he can either post it as a caricature of the person involved, or he can put an empty caption balloon on the cartoon and post it as a Cartoon Caption Contest.

Cartoonists are divided on the merits of these CCCs. Some of the younger, internet-savvy ones embrace it as a way to be interactive with their audience, while some of the older fellas think it's a waste of time.

Middle-aged cartoonists -- those of us who have embraced Facebook but don't have thousands of followers on Twitter -- view CCCs as a way to salvage cartoon ideas that just weren't gelling. Why wait to have a complete cartoon idea when you can just start drawing, and if you don't have a caption by the time everything else is drawn, just let the reader fill it in for you?

So anyway, I'm drawing a few caricatures of the candidates who are going to be yesterday's news before voters in 47 states get any chance to have any say in the matter. Here's Ron Paul for ya. If you can think of anything for him to say, not only can you fill in your own caption, I'll let you draw the balloon!

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