Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A prison guard speaks out

I came up with this cartoon while I was still drawing the cartoon I posted this morning -- before coming across this "Letter to Wisconsin Republicans from a conservative prison guard." (It is where I came up with the salary figure of $40,000 -- that much came after the rest of the cartoon was already sketched out.)

It's a very angry letter from "a 46 year old lifelong conservative Republican" who "will now be very involved in my community and others if possible to drive you out." The letter includes an aside to Democrats:
"To all you Democratic lawmakers, I apologize for voting nothing but Republican all these years. They are not who I thought they were!! Don't you Republicans see the protests throughout the state? Hey, I'm a taxpayer too!! Don't tell me that you're protecting the taxpayers. This is simply a way to attack some of the finest middle class workers and I for one am considering moving out of Wisconsin as I am so distraught at the lack of honest wholesome government."

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