Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Title Town, 1962

From the Wisconsin State Journal on January 1, 1962, comes this snapshot of the NFL championship game in the pre-Superbowl era:
NFL's Payoff Richest Ever
Green Bay (UPI) -- The payoff for each player in Sunday's National Football League title game was the richest ever.
Each member of the winning Green Bay Packers received $5,195.44, and each member of the losing New York Giants got $3,339.99.
The total take was $1,013,792, with $300,000 trimmed from the top for the NFL Player Benefit Fund before the proceeds were divided.
A slice of $42,333.25 was set aside for the winner of the Detroit-Philadelphia second-place game in Miami next Saturday.

The second-place teams got a trip to Miami, while the first-place contenders slogged it out on New Year's Eve in Green Bay?

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