Friday, July 8, 2016

Anything to Help

Checking my email before going to bed Sunday night, I read a letter from the publisher of The Rainbow Times (Massachusetts), who was starting to get frantic because they couldn't download from the Q Syndicate site the memorial cartoon I had done after the Pulse massacre in Orlando. It being the Fourth of July weekend, I figured that there was a good chance that nobody was checking email at the syndicate; so after checking that the paper does in fact subscribe to my cartoons, I sent them the file from my computer.

Publisher Gricel Ocasio returned a very nice and thankful reply ("I am SO glad you replied to me. It was very important for this issue and I thank you for having drawn this cartoon. It will mean a lot to our readers"), so I'm posting a link to their paper in appreciation.

I'm very touched by the popularity of that cartoon, considering that I almost didn't draw it. No paper to my knowledge has published the other cartoon I drew that week, whereas a paper or two that had dropped me as a regular feature brought me back for at least one issue to print the rainbow and flag cartoon.

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