Thursday, June 2, 2016

Q Toon: Stall Tactics

Most of the media covering Donald Berzilius Trump have been focusing this week on the donations he promised to veterans' charities, and his petulant response to being questioned about it. (I suspect that voters don't care how Trump treats the media quite as much as the media do.)

The Donald was more comfortable answering questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, even when the topic of transgender people and their bathroom needs arose.
Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
🚽Jun 2, 2016
The actual exchange:
KIMMEL: “You said, and I thought this was very interesting, you believe that transgendered people should be able to use whatever bathroom they want to which is contrary to what a lot of people, most people, in your party believe. Why do you think people have focused on that?”
TRUMP: “What really I’m saying is—and I think it’s pretty simple—let the states decide. And you know, we have to protect everybody. It’s a very, very small group. Right now, it’s a very small group.”
KIMMEL: “Would you say though, if you were voting personally or a member of New York State, you would vote for that right?”
TRUMP: “Well, the party generally believes that whatever you’re born, that’s the bathroom you use.”
KIMMEL: “Well, what about you?”
TRUMP: “Me? I say let the states decide.”
KIMMEL: “Would you personally support it? I think you do.”
TRUMP: “Would I support—no, what I support is let the states decide and I think the states will do hopefully the right thing.”
KIMMEL: “And what’s the right thing?”
TRUMP: “I don’t know yet. I mean, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know.
That's really being unafraid to tell it like it is.

One thing that concerns me is Trump's comment that "It's a very, very small group. Right now, it's a very small group." He leaves open the possibility that this "very small group" might not be such a small group later on; and if we've learned anything about The Donald, it's that if you give him enough time to come up with an outrageous solution to a perceived threat, he will.

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