Friday, March 11, 2016

Canadian Exports Happen

At least, I fervently hope so.

In case you missed it, I'm riffing here on the good-natured ribbing between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Obama at the White House this week:
"Now, I don't want to gloss over the very real differences between Americans and Canadians. There are some things we will probably never agree on. Whose beer is better? Who's better at hockey?" Obama joked. "Where's the Stanley Cup right now? I'm sorry, is it in my hometown, with the Chicago Blackhawks?"
Trudeau responded by saying, "there's a high demand for Canadian goods down here. A few that come to mind that President Obama just rightly recognized as being extraordinary contributors to the American success story [are] Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks."

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