Monday, July 13, 2015

This Week's Sneak Peek

This little girl has a secret, in on which we'll let you in just a few days.

Meanwhile, last week's Q Syndicate cartoon on local registrars refusing to issue marriage licenses appears to have has gone a little bit viral. A Facebook friend of mine from college days, now a professor in Rhode Island, spotted my cartoon in a post by a former student of his. That student was sharing a post by the Facebook page of the American Military Partner Association, a post which had over 4,000 shares as of yesterday morning.

The AMPA may have picked it up from one of the newspapers that pays to run my cartoons, or perhaps from a "democraticunderground" site, which doesn't. They posted the cartoon itself, rather than a link to a publication, which would at least tell a paying publication that my cartoon is being read and appreciated. And maybe at budget time, they'd decide to keep paying for it.

Either way, I get only the satisfaction of knowing that I've struck a responsive chord out there. But make no mistake about it: I do appreciate the "exposure."

I just worry about becoming yet another cartoonist dying of exposure.

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