Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When Sculpture Goes Wrong

The other day, I mentioned the challenge a cartoonist faces when trying to draw someone for the first time. To illustrate the point, I included some preliminary pencil sketches of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as well as the finished product.

Now, there are times when even a pencil rough that I'm pleased with fails to translate to ink, even when I'm basically tracing over one to make the other. So I can sympathize with sculptor Dave Poulin, whose bronze statue of Lucille Ball went horribly wrong:
The 400-pound bronze sculpture, which was privately commissioned and publicly displayed in Ball's hometown of Celoron, NY in 2009, upset many locals and even inspired a Facebook group dedicated to its removal ("We Love Lucy! Get Rid of This Statue."). ...
Despite Poulin's offer to fix it for free, [Mayor John] Schrecengost has said he doesn't want Poulin to retouch the statue; he wants a new artist to repair it.

Perhaps they can get Cecilia Hernandez to touch it up.
Meanwhile, next time Mr. Poulin is commissioned to sculpt, he would be well advised to lay off the Vitameatavegamin.

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