Saturday, March 28, 2015

Postwar World: Think of the Children

It's Slinkback Saturday here at Bergetoons, which means it's time for one last look at predictions from A Bird's-Eye View of the Postwar World of an airborne society.

Here Marvin Townsend's herione takes in all the airplanes, helicopters, and mass transit cucumbers her future holds and she -- well, I don't know exactly what her premonition is.

Maybe she's foreseeing propeller beanies. If she's smart, she and her husband will invest in the impending fad, allegedly invented in 1947 by science fiction writer-cartoonist Ray F. Nelson and further popularized by the TV cartoon Beany & Cecil in the 1950s. As long as they sell out before boomer boys' attentions turn from aircraft to rockets, they should make out handsomely.

And speaking of making out, here's my very last -- I promise! -- ABEVPW cartoon about everyday air travel:
...Which will lead us into our next topic: Sex and the Postwar Girl.

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