Monday, November 24, 2014

This Week's Sneak Peek

Pelican Publishing has informed us editorial cartoonists that there will be no more editions of Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year.

The move is not particularly surprising. The series's longtime editor, Charles Brooks, passed away a couple of years ago. The last two editions have been edited by Steve Kelley, who produced a well-balanced book, and Dean Turnbloom, who didn't. Yet even before that, a significant number of the very best practitioners of our dwindling profession declined to submit their work for consideration; if not for the award-winning cartoons printed on the first several pages, the book's title was often rather dubious.

As for this week's cartoon: I had hoped to be able to include a street sign for Huguenot Walloon Drive in the cartoon as a tribute to the late Mike Nichols; that was the name of the street Nichols and Elaine May would use when they needed to include a street address in their skits. Unfortunately, there was no place for a street sign anywhere in the cartoon.

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