Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Q Toon: Back After This Word

I was away on vacation last week, attending a family wedding and meandering back home through Tennessee and Kentucky. (What do you call that? The Shallow South?) This meant I was paying less attention to the news than usual; when we watched TV, we were watching entertainment programs that were unlikely to help me come up with any ideas for this week's cartoon.

But we certainly took notice of this commercial for Norelco, in which a hirsute fellow uses the company's trimming products to get rid of his beard and chest hair, and even trim his pubes, judging himself more attractive to himself at each step of the way. The professional umbrage-taking group "One Million Moms" also took notice:
"The ad shouldn't run at any time. It is not only inappropriate for children; it is offensive to adults also. The company's response to people's concerns is in poor taste. They are basically saying that they don't care, and they are going to run the commercial anyway."
Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
May 15, 2013

OMM urged their followers to register their objections on Norelco's Facebook page, or to call the company on the telephone:
"Call Philips Norelco at: 1-800-243-3050 or 1-888-744-5477. Please remember to be polite. Here is a sample script: 'The new Norelco manscaping and grooming commercial is extremely offensive in many ways. Please do what you can to get it pulled off the air, or I certainly won't be buying anymore Philips Norelco products.'"
 I guess we can't look forward to any similar ads for Lady Norelco products.

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