Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
‡Feb 13, 2013
Here's how you can tell that the Violence Against Women Act was a product of the Democratic Party: its name.

Only Democrats would name their bill for the thing that it's against. Then they go into the next election cycle and wonder why they can't get anyone else to be as upset as they are that Congressman Roger Republican wouldn't support the Violence Against Women Act. Congressman Roger Republican has known all along that there is no down side to being against Violence Against Women.

Republicans would have had Frank Luntz test market potential names for the bill until he found one that no politician in his right mind would ever want to be caught voting against. The Domestic Tranquility Act, perhaps. The Safeguarding Our Mothers and Daughters Act, maybe.

Of course, Republicans would also have included provisions that defined abortion as a form of domestic violence and offered tax breaks to citizens who arm themselves with semiautomatic machine guns to prevent it. Then, come the next election season, Citizens for Growth and their Koch Conspirators could blanket the airwaves with claims that Congressman Percy Pro-Choice is against Safeguarding Our Mothers and Daughters!

See how that works?

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