Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week's Sneak Peek

I usually use these Sneak Peek entries to display a snippet from my own cartoon for the week, but this week, I'd like to make an exception to link to Matt Bors's January 21 cartoon.
Matt BorsJan 21, 2013
Matt isn't making the story up. From the Chicago Tribune article, if you haven't heard about this story already:
A 19-year-old Northbrook woman died of an apparent suicide nine days after telling University of Notre Dame police that she had been sexually attacked by a football player in a dorm room, the Tribune has learned. ... More than two months later, Notre Dame refuses to publicly acknowledge the case, and what actions university officials have taken to investigate her allegation remain largely unknown.
Campus authorities did not tell the St. Joseph County Police Department investigating [the woman]'s death about her report of a sexual attack, county officials said. Nor did they refer the case to the county's special victims unit, which was established to handle sex offenses, according to prosecutors.
My own cartoon will considerably more frivolous. See you on Wednesday.

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