Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Q Toon: Daylight Come and Me Wanna Go Home

First off, let me just note that I had to send this week's cartoon to syndicate offices by Monday morning, and what I wouldn't give to have gotten a peek at President Obama's inaugural address a day earlier!

Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
÷Jan 23, 2013
But I was not so privileged, so here's another cartoon inspired by the most important news story of the century: the imaginary dead girlfriend of Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o.

I don't know the guy, and I have no idea why he had an imaginary girlfriend. I can only guess that she contracted leukemia and died because somebody or other got tired of having to maintain her fictional existence.  Besides, at that age, a tragic death is fraught with romantic drama -- second only to having to choose between one boyfriend who's a werewolf and another who's a vampire.

Once upon a time, having a fictional girlfriend merely required pretending to have phone conversations within view of your teammates, frat brothers, or platoon from time to time. If someone back home were willing to help, there could also be letters in the mail. If you were a famous movie star, your studio would be only too happy to package a romance between you and some unattached starlet for Movietone News.

The guys in this week's cartoon have their own ideas concerning the back story behind the phantom girlfriend. They come from a generation of gays for which having a "beard" was common enough -- although I could have cast closeted sports figures in this cartoon instead. I'm sure I wouldn't get into any trouble doing that.

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