Friday, December 28, 2012

Rememberin' Stormin' Norman

General Norman Schwarzkopf passed away yesterday at the age of 78.

He was such an imposing figure during the First Gulf War (Gulf War I, I suppose) it is hard to believe that the generation who currently make up the bulk of our armed forces would have no real memory of him, but that was 22 years ago now. He was briefly an analyst for NBC news, but retired from that position as well.

By 2004, he had his doubts about Gulf War II, criticizing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and civilians in the Defense Department who "showed a total lack of understanding of the culture that we were dealing with" in Iraq.

As a veteran of America's war in Vietnam, I imagine he nevertheless decided that the troops could do without his criticism of the war, and he maintained a low profile during the rest of the war.

Back during Gulf War I, the media chafed at being kept away from the war -- another reaction by military brass with bad memories of how news media covered Vietnam from the field. Schwarzkopf became famous for his news briefings in which the media were treated to military film of how the war was going:


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