Monday, June 11, 2012

This Week's Sneak Peek

This was Pridefest Week in Milwaukee, so Chris and I spent a good portion of Saturday there. We had a good time, ran into a few people we knew, and enjoyed a day of very warm sunshine and people-watching.

There were a smattering of nearly naked fest-goers this year, who were either well-tanned all over, or barely tanned anywhere; the latter group are most certainly in a mess of pain by today. Then there were the four young people in furry animal costumes -- their suffering was in the moment, thanks to the near-90F temperatures. As for ourselves, we dressed in comfortable street clothing.

So did most of the folks we saw there, although I could without exaggeration have dressed some of the people in last week's cartoon more provocatively.

There was only one S hole with a bullhorn harassing people coming in and out of the festival this year. Some young people had about as much of a response to him as you can legally get away with.

None of which has anything in particular to do with the cartoon coming out later this week.

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