Monday, May 14, 2012

This Week's Sneak Peek

The tough part about making a caricature of Vice President Joe Biden is making his teeth so much brighter than the rest of the cartoon.

Today was pay up or give up the trial day for Photoshop; and while I was expecting some sticker shock, I wasn't expecting that my only option was to pay $600 a year to rent the program on the cloud. Can I download and install it? Nope. Cloud rental is $49.99 per month, and fork over your e-mail and tell us again what your date of birth is.

Let's see: I had my old Photoshop program for what, six or seven years, so if I rented some pretend real estate in the cloud for the new one for that length of time, we're talking as much as $4,200 for, what, freeing up some space on my hard drive?

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