Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Mr. Globehead

Here's another example of a Mr. Globehead editorial cartoon. This one's from The Philadelphia Inquirer in reaction to the conviction of Captain Dreyfus by a French court at Rennes. The verdict Judge Globehead is handing forth reads "The whole world disapproves of the verdict at Rennes." Regrettably, I can't read either the cartoonist's signature or the folded paper on the floor.

Public Opinion of New York, the magazine in whose September 11, 1899 edition it appears, occasionally includes the name of the cartoonist along with a description of the cartoons it prints. Their crediting of the cartoonist isn't consistent; the cartoonist is never named when the cartoon illustrates an article, and only once in a while in their periodic "Current Cartoons" round-up. (By the end of 1899, the magazine seems to have given up on the often superfluous accompanying descriptions of the "Current Cartoons." But they obviously appreciated editorial cartoons; in 1902, they started illustrating the cover of their semiannual bound editions with them.) I'm still looking for any instance in which the magazine names the Inquirer's cartoonist.

The cartoon at right is from the Minneapolis Times in September, 1901. R.C. Bowman was the cartoonist for the Minneapolis Tribune, and Charles Lewis "Bart" Bartholomew (see a book of his 1899 cartoons here) was the cartoonist for the Minneapolis Journal, but I don't know who the cartoonist for the Minneapolis Times was. "Dove Lotion" is about all I'm able to make out in this one, which apparently references the Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion. If that boil is to represent Cuba, it is inflamed to the point that surgery may be called for.

These examples of Mr. Globehead don't push his advent any earlier than our previously posted cartoons, so the hunt continues.

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