Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Qtoon: Red Meat for Republicans

Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
Nov 30, 2011
Well, look who's back!

It was back in October that Newt Gingrich called same-sex marriage a "temporary aberration that will dissipate," but he was back in the pack of also-rans then. Now that he is once again the Not Romney, his opinion of same-sex marriage matters to more than just his half-sister Candace and her wife.

As horrifying as the prospect of a Gingrich presidency is, he is actually rather fun to draw. He is, in fact, a cartoonist's dream. He's about as impolitic as anyone in politics could be, stubborn, egotistical, and prone to rash statements. And does anybody think he really has it in him to make it through eight years married to Callista?

Heaven forfend he should start an affair with wife-to-be #4 while in the White House and get impeached over it.

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