Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old Soldiers Never Die...

Paul Berge
Q Syndicate
Sep 15, 2010
They just get tarnished.

Since I drew this cartoon, Steve May has been forced to withdraw from a race for the Arizona statehouse not because of his cynical recruitment of homeless people to put on the Green Party ballot, but because of a drunk driving arrest.

But the true outrage is the chicanery of May -- and apparently others in the Arizona Republican party, according to this withering Arizona Republic editorial -- who stoop to dirty tricks to win elections. I strongly suspect that Al Greene in South Carolina is another case in point.

I'm old enough to remember back in 1986 when Illinois Democrats were stunned by the victory in primary elections of Lyndon LaRouche lunatics, including for the post of lieutenant governor. The debacle doomed the gubernatorial campaign of Adlai Stevenson III (whose grandfather has been featured in some of the R.C. Bowman cartoons elsewhere on my blog). In that case, the LaRouchies got on the primary ballot themselves, however, and were not put there by Republican operatives.

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