Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week's Sneak Peek

We went to Milwaukee Pridefest this weekend. We only ran into a couple people whom I knew, and none of the people Chris knows that we usually meet at these things.

The weather was decidedly cool, which didn't stop a few boys from showing up in nothing more than designer underpants.

We enjoyed an alt-folk band called Heat Birds on one of the side stages. We saw Patti LaBelle's show from a distance; during his introduction of her, Bruce Valanch walked over to the ASL interpreter and announced a test: "Gitchee gitchee yah yah yah."

I have no idea whether the ASL interpreter got it right. My fluency in ASL is limited to a few terms I picked up many years ago when WMAQ in Chicago had a newscaster for the local news breaks in the Today show who used to sign and read the news. Thus I still remember how to sign "partly cloudy" and "Chicago police."

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