Friday, June 25, 2010

John Doe for Senate

Ron Johnson (R-Out of Nowhere), candidate for the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin, is introducing himself to voters with a TV ad that promises that he won't bother us with warm fuzzy TV ads about liking jobs and kittens and apple pie.

Republicans must be counting on voters to like the bland name. Doesn't everybody in Wisconsin know a Ron Johnson?

But for a cartoonist, it's a little frustrating that if I image-Google Ron Johnson, I find hardly any pictures of the guy I'm looking for. Page after page of ¡Los Links!, I find several more pictures of George Will than of the guy running against Russ Feingold.

In case you're wondering, none of the pictures from the above screensave of Page 1 of for "Ron Johnson" are Wisconsin's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. (And when I searched with Bing, the candidate turned up as the 35th and 40th picture.)

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