Friday, May 7, 2010

Trashy Racine Post Cartoon

Here's a local issue cartoon I drew for The Racine Post today. There's a story on the site reporting that the new recycling bins delivered to Racine residents this month have computer chips in them to monitor the sort of use they're getting. Racine being a place where people who don't like any kind of change are quite willing to speak up about it, the bins had already stirred up a hornets' nest even before folks found out that the bins were monitoring their garbage for the gummint.

If the cartoon looks a little different from my usual style, it's because it was drawn primarily with felt marker instead of quill pen. I had hoped that a new pen would still have a sharp enough edge to enable some degree of detail; unfortunately, for that I had to resort to ballpoint pen -- a medium I gave up decades ago on the very wise advice of Bill Sanders, then cartoonist for The Milwaukee Journal.

I have been having a hard time finding the kind of india ink I like these days. I was happy with Winsor & Newton, but the local art stores now only sell it in the packs of multicolor inks; and you may have noticed that I don't use colored ink. I tried Speedball Super Black next, and it was okay... but it has also gone missing at the local art stores. I am very disappointed with Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star, which is, as far as I'm concerned, gray. It's darker than #2 pencil, but not by enough for my tastes.

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