Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sneak pique of the week

The star of this week's cartoon calls herself Miss Beverly Hills 2010. I mention that because the people who would ordinarily know who Miss Beverly Hills 2010 is don't know this girl. Her name is Lauren Ashley ... or Ashley Lauren ... or Courtney Madison or something like that. (Certainly not Hilda Weintraub.)

That's why I drew her introducing herself, instead of putting a label -- or a sash -- on her. There just isn't space in a single cartoon to explain, in addition to the point I'm seeking to make, that there is some question as to how or whether she earned the title of Miss Beverly Hills 2010. Or, for that matter, whether she might be habit-forming and cause dry mouth, restless bowel syndrome, sleepwalking, hysterical blindness, or the heartbreak of psoriasis without memory for the event.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the process of erasing and redrawing the pencil version, Beverly Hills inexplicably became Hollywood. I'll post the complete, repaired cartoon tomorrow.

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