Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneak peek for the Week

The topic for this week's Q Syndicate cartoon could hardly be about anything other than the latest charges in the neverending saga of pedophile Catholic priests -- in Ireland, Germany, and not far from me at a Wisconsin school for the deaf.

Several American cartoonists have weighed in on the scandal this week. The story made waves in Europe while most American cartoonists were dealing with the passage of Health Care Reform and its Republican/Teabagger wrath. Most American cartoons about the Catholic pedophile scandal have been pretty tame; not so with our European counterparts. (The link is to a page on Darryl Cagle's site; the cartoons may move around as more cartoons on the topic are added. As of this writing, there are about ten pages of Catholic Sex Scandal cartoons.)

My cartoon, while not drawn for the mainstream press, is still pretty tame -- especially compared with, say, Herbjørn Skogstad's. He doesn't have to worry about Bill Donohue suing his ass.

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